Import / export custom process

Asiapack factory is located in China, how can my Chinese suppliers enjoy export benefits?
Asiapack is located in an Export Processing Zone , this is a Customs bonded area. By delivering to this place, Chinese suppliers perform their own custom clearance for export. Their goods are considered as exported as soon as reaching our factory.
Will my supplier only enjoy a Tax Refund when Asiapack re-exports the goods?
No, the reference date for your supplier to receive the tax refund is based on their delivery date to Asiapack. How long the goods stay in our factory is irrelevant as they are virtually considered out of China.
Does Asiapack need to apply for licenses for new categories of products?
No, Asiapack can pack any kind of goods, there is no need to apply for licenses, all we need to do is register the products in the Customs Books one single time if no similar products have been previously packed. This process only takes 1 week.
Can we get the goods delivered back onto the China Market?
This is not possible. As your suppliers have already enjoyed the tax refund for the goods, they cannot re-enter the Mainland China market directly. However, delivering to Hong Kong and then re-importing is possible.


We have seen that Asiapack is ISO 9001-2015 certified, what does this mean?
This certification means that our processes are carefully controlled and monitored. The new ISO standard is focuses on continuous improvements. Our Quality Management System helps us to monitor the quality of our service by tracking records, production analysis, etc.
Are you BSCI certified?
Yes, Asiapack is BSCI certified. This means fulfilling requirements regarding Social Accountability that provide a suitable work environment for all workers. Customer audits are always welcome.

Product development

Do you have a graphic designer?
Yes, Asiapack Factory has a in-house graphic design department. This helps us to receive your artwork, check its compatibility with local printers, modify the artwork when necessary, re-send it for final approval. Our graphic designer can also help you create new product references based on your provided artwork.
Should we provide you with printed materials?
This is not necessary, normally Asiapack deals with all packaging involved in your orders, printed materials included. However, we will be glad to use your already sourced printed materials if you prefer.
Does Asiapack thermoform blisters in its own factory?
Yes, Asiapack is fully equipped to manufacture, seal and pack all kinds of blister materials such as PS, PVC, APET,and PETG.
If I give you a sample of my products, can Asiapack work out the most appropriate blister dummy sample?
Yes, thanks to our in-house molding department, we can easily create customized blister samples within one week after receiving your product samples.
Can you supply promotional displays? Can they be assembled and loaded with my products?
Yes, we can offer you tailor-made solutions for your promotional displays. We load them with your desired assortment of goods and ship, READY TO SELL.

Logistics - supply chain

Who is the owner of the goods, while being kept in Asiapack? Is there any insurance?
You, the customer, are the owner of the goods. We call this “goods held in trust”. Asiapack does subscribe to insurance policies to cover all risks while your goods are with us.
Who places the orders to my suppliers, is it Asiapack or ourselves?
You place your orders directly with your own suppliers. You also settle your supplier’s invoices directly. Asiapack will only charge you for the assembling and packaging cost.
Can we keep using our own freight forwarder?
Of course! We are used to working with all freight forwarders appointed by our customers. Your forwarder can come and collect the full containers from our factory.

Consolidation of goods from various origins

Can Asiapack assemble products from various suppliers into one blister or printed box?
Yes, this is one of the big advantages of Asiapack. You can create attractive sets of products by assembling goods from different origins into one single package.
Can we load containers directly from Asiapack factory with goods from different origins inside the same container?
Yes, this will help you to receive an assortment of products, based on your needs.

Warehousing facilities

I am required to purchase certain minimum order quantities (MOQ) with my suppliers. If, for example, my MOQ is 2000 pieces but I only need to pack 1000 first, can I send the whole quantity to Asiapack and pack the remainder at a later date?
Yes, you can keep stock with us, and pack later on.