Your Board Game Manufacturing Partner

Since 2022, Asiapack has expanded its co-packing activity into the board game production business!

This came naturally as we have:

  • 25 years packaging development production experience in China
  • 25 years kitting high volumes of products in China in our own factory
  • Stable team with accessories sourcing experience in China

We now pack over 800,000 games yearly! Work with us for a game changing solution!

Board Game Manufacturer and Provider in China

Bringing Your Board Game Ideas to Life, No Matter the Scale

At Asiapack, we understand that the journey of creating a board game is unique and varies in scale and complexity. Whether you're an independent creator with a fresh idea or an established publisher planning to expand your board game lineup, our comprehensive manufacturing solutions cater to projects of all sizes.

Experience and Expertise in Board Game Production

Since 2022, we have rapidly grown into a trusted name in board game manufacturing, leveraging our extensive 25 years of experience in packaging development and product kitting in China. Our addition of board game production service was a seamless evolution, driven by our passion for delivering exceptional quality and service.

Your Vision, Our Mission

We believe that every great board game starts with a vision. Our team is dedicated to making your vision a reality by offering personalized services tailored to your project's specific needs. From initial concept to final production, we guide you through every step, ensuring your board game is crafted to perfection.

Capacity to Handle High Volume Productions

Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest manufacturing technology, enables us to handle high volume productions with ease. Currently, we pack over 800,000 games annually, a testament to our capability and reliability in the industry.

Games Sold in Retail

Over 500,000 retail games produced in 2023 for Hunt A Killer. Games sold in Walmart, Target...

  • All packaging materials and components (tin, lock...) are sourced by Asiapack
  • Everything is kitted in Asiapack factory. 20,000 retail games packed in 3 days!
  • By going through Asiapack, only one vendor to deal with, who provides ready to sell games.

Also selling games under Hunt A Killer license to Moose Toys for international distribution.


Over 300,000 subscription boxes produced in 2023 for Hunt A Killer, Detective Box and Detective For A Day, Games sold online direct to consumer, on a monthly subscription basis.

Premium Games

Other “premium” higher value games sold in retail or online, produced by Asiapack

Dead on the Vine

Agatha Christie's The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge

Camp Calamity Premium Game