With fulfilment kitting services, a company curates multiple items to make a package or a kit. Any seller procures multiple items from the different or same vendor. These products are grouped and arranged in a single packing to sell as one whole kit. When kitting, items are expected to be placed in an orderly fashion for every kit and not gathered to make a group of all the products.

Most Beneficial Aspects of Using Kitting and Assembly Solutions

Kitting is a very beneficial business practice benefitting both seller and buyer, but it’s not for everyone. You must consider kitting if you are looking to

Reduce the Logistics Costs

Reduce the Logistics Costs

A warehouse or a hauler mostly charges per piece. Kitting multiple frequently bought together items in one package helps in reducing the storage and shipment costs.

Save Time by Handling Multiple Items at Once

Kitting items needed/bought together helps you sell two or more items within the efforts of just one. Just one package to label, ship, and deliver.

Easily Push a New or Less Selling Item

Kitting helps in selling low preferable items and clearing the stock easily. Similarly, a new item needs some support for recognition, and kitting does that well.

Customers Get Better Experience

Little lesser-known, customers prefer buying kits instead of picking multiple items from multiple places. Thus, kitting elates customer experience.

Shopping Gets Easier for Customers

Shopping Gets Easier for Customers

Getting various items together helps customers too in saving their time and shop multiple items easily.

Common Applications of Kitting Services

Gift Baskets: Kitting and assembly services apply best in gift basket kitting. A gift basket includes various items of different kinds.
Company kits: Customized goods under a certain brand, company name, offered as a gift set to employees as a thank you for their hard work.
Bulk Kit of one product: Kitting several numbers of the same items is also one of the most common applications of kitting services. Sellers manufacturing small items like pencils use them to reduce their operational costs.
Promotional Kits: Undoubtedly, one of the most common kitting service applications is clubbing a few items for promotion.
Emergency kits: Provides an all in one solution for when a problem rises (e.g. torchlight & emergency blanket kit for when there is unexpected power outage).
Subscription Boxes: Creating Weekly or monthly subscriber kits to offer various items kitted together for longer periods.

How Does Our Fulfillment Kitting and Assembly Solutions Work for You?

Kitting is done on different kinds of items, and often the process differs as per the needs of our customers. But most common practices followed, and steps involved in providing a fulfilling kitting experience are:

  • Getting all the products unloaded in one location
  • Preparing the assembly line
  • Insert products into the packaging based on assortment requirement
  • Labeling the items and adding the kit-related details
  • Testing every kit for quality assurance
  • Grouping in large numbers for wholesale distribution
  • Packaging for distribution, shipment, and delivery
  • Loading the products in containers
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Our skilled team ensures handling your kitting and assembly operations with due care. We have the appropriate technology, resources, process, equipment, and expertise for providing an efficient kitting and assembly solution.

Work with Asiapack for Excellent Kitting and Assembly Solutions

About us- Asiapack
  • Asiapack’s assembly line has the capability to batch similar products, thus improving efficiency and accuracy
  • Gained valuable experience to serve multifold industries with customized kitting services
  • In-house packaging capabilities to cater to multiple packaging needs quickly
  • Automated assembly line ensures efficiency of labors
  • Comprehensive kitting services include any packaging required (boxes, blister packs, displays, labels…)

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