A crucial aspect of product consolidation is warehousing. The utmost care and attention in choosing a warehousing partner are necessary. This partner assures proper administration and due care of your products in your absence.

When it comes to shipment consolidation, we offer warehouse services suiting the needs of our customers. Our customers are mostly businesses from the US, UK & Europe that import Chinese products.

Our substantial network helps you handle all your warehousing needs in one place. You need fewer logistics consolidations with our all-inclusive warehousing service. With our extensive supply chain handling capabilities, you reduce the logistics and shipping chaos and get better speed, control, and visibility of your shipment.

Asiapack Warehousing Service and its Benefits

Secured Facility

Secured Facility

Buildings are guarded with security guards. Cameras are installed premise-wide for 24×7 security surveillance. All our storage facilities are insured along with the content inside.

Reduce the Logistics Costs

Consistent Pricing

You can control the product’s price by procuring more units in bulk and storing them at our facility. This helps you in keeping constant prices, despite the market fluctuations.


Shipment Labelling & Packaging

Even when your products are in the warehouse, they need some identification. We take care of warehouse labelling for easy identification and tracking.

core business

Focus on Your Core Business

When a third-party provider handles your warehouse services, you can take a break from much of the related chaos and focus better on your business growth.

Tax free

Tax Exemptions

Our facility is in a custom bonded area, and thus we are in a free trade zone with no tax liabilities. You get VAT-free and duty-free products at lesser costs from multiple vendors.

Asiapack Warehousing Solution

A good warehousing arrangement is the best solution to all product, logistics, and shipment consolidation problems. Asiapack offers excellent warehouse services at pocket-friendly prices. Get over the supply chain disruption and get improved supply chain management. Our comprehensive warehousing service is well suited for multiple industries.

Expand Your Business with Asiapack Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Consolidated warehouses are usually advantageous for the business’s smooth operation and a higher return on investment.

Product, logistics, and shipping are all aspects of warehouse consolidation that assist companies in centralizing their operations for increased effectiveness and reduced costs.

Every business wants the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is done by sending customers the products on time and in well-packaged condition. Your company’s logistics performance will increase if you outsource warehousing and fulfillment services.

Warehouse consolidation involves a shipment consolidation process by which your various shipments are combined into a single large truckload heading towards a particular destination.

How does Asiapack Warehousing in China work?

Asiapack makes warehousing services in China the most effective and affordable option for your company’s operations. We will provide you access to a consolidation warehouse if you import goods into China. Our extensive network enables you to manage your storage requirements in one place.

With the help of our storage warehousing services, you will find a complete solution to all your logistical problems. These services include product consolidation, logistics consolidation, and shipment consolidation.

How Does Shipment Consolidation or Consolidated Warehouse Benefit Your Business?

In addition to reducing costs, consolidating warehouse locations improves productivity, and workers’ wellbeing, eliminates errors and offers product safety and traceability.

It is always costly to ship a small number of products within a specific time frame and carry out additional procedures. After outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment services, they only have to be shipped once; overall, a warehouse services company will monitor it.

Whether it is product consolidation, logistics consolidation, or shipping consolidation, a comprehensive consolidated warehouse offers businesses several benefits, including:

  • Reduction in shipping costs
  • Access to more frequent deliveries
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Minimizing handling and complaints
  • Lower inventory level
  • Improved product security
  • Lower down operations to focus on core business processes

Asiapack's Storage Warehousing Services - Consolidation Warehouse Solution in China

Asiapack can help you optimize the effectiveness of your shipment operations by outsourcing warehousing in China. We provide excellent warehouse services at reasonable pricing to overcome your business supply chain interruption and improve logistics management.

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to shipment consolidation, we provide warehousing services that meet the needs of our clients. We help you reduce logistics and shipping complexity while improving delivery efficiency, management, and accessibility.

We provide the best warehousing service in China through our best-in-industry facilities:

  • Located in a tax free zone: Thanks to our location in custom-bonded area, your suppliers located in China enjoy immediate tax refund when delivering to us. No import duties for products from outside of China.
  • Consolidation made simple: our location in customs bonded area (see above point) removes all headaches you may have to consolidate products from two suppliers or more in one place. Each supplier takes care of its own delivery and enjoys all its export benefits.
  • Secured Services: To enable round-the-clock security monitoring, we use cameras and guards throughout our premises, 24/7.
  • Shipment Labeling and Packaging: We provide labelling, re-packing, packaging… services if needed to ensure no damage to your products.

Warehouse Services FAQs

How to pick suitable warehousing in China?

Before selecting the best warehousing service in China, enquire the following:

  • Rent and taxes
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Proximity to Airport, Railways, and Ports

Are warehouse services in China safe?

Yes, warehouse services in China are safe, but prefer the one that provides on-premise CCTV cameras, guards, and other effective security measures.

Do warehousing companies assist in preparing products for shipping?

Yes. Warehouses provide several services, including product processing, labeling, packing, and shipping.

Where can I store my products in China, and How?

Many alternatives are available if you’re seeking the best warehousing service in China. To know everything about warehousing in China, send an email to info@asiapack.com.

Make an inquiry through email at info@asiapack.com or call at +852 2735 1163.

Clients that trust our warehousing services worldwide: