Co-packing & kitting

Yes, this is one of Asiapack's biggest advantage: we can receive any products from any supplier, from China or abroad. You can consolidate all your products, in bulk, in one location: we then pack the right product(s) into the right assortment. We can also ship pre-loaded promotional displays, full of assorted products, ready to sell !

Yes, we can combine products from several suppliers into 1 container / shipment. We load the containers with your required assortment of finished goods, based on your needs.

Absolutely, we actually prefer to provide you with all packaging materials. As a turnkey solution provider, Asiapack's service includes receiving your products, packing them into the packaging of your choice, as well as providing said packaging. This way, we ensure the packaging colour consistency throughout your ranges and we ensure the good quality of packaging used.

Yes, we offer tailor-made solutions for promotional displays. We assemble and fill them with your required assortment of products. They are ready to ship and ready to sell anywhere in the world directly from Asiapack.

Import / Export Process

Asiapack is located in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, which is a Customs bonded area. This allows your Chinese suppliers to clear customs when delivering to us, using their own export license. Their goods are considered as exported as soon as they reach our factory. You can easily consolidate products from multiple suppliers in Asiapack, even products from abroad (no import duties for products from outside China).

Yes, this is another great advantage of working with Asiapack: each of your suppliers get their tax refund as soon as they deliver to us. This allows multiple suppliers to deliver separately to Asiapack, and thus for you to have all your goods consolidated under one roof.

Yes, products from outside of China can be shipped to Asiapack without import duties, assembled in one packaging with products from China and then re-exported as one finished good.

Products received in Asiapack are meant to be exported outside of China, as your suppliers have already enjoyed the tax refund for the goods. However, given the proper documentation, it is possible to re-import them to Mainland China (to be reviewed on case by case).

Packaging development

Yes, Asiapack Factory has a in-house graphic design department. We can help you create the primary and secondary packaging dielines, make white samples... It also help us to receive your artwork, check its compatibility with local printers, modify the artwork when necessary, re-send it for final approval.

Yes, thanks to our in-house graphic design department, fully equipped with die-cut table and blister mould workshop, we can provide you with a white packaging samples within 48h of receiving the products samples. If you already have your artwork ready, we can make digital printed samples within a week after receiving your products samples.

Yes, Asiapack is fully equipped to manufacture, seal and pack all kinds of blister materials such as PS, PVC, APET,and PETG.

Asiapack provides free packaging development for all products packed in house. When developing a new packaging, we will make samples to do transportation tests: drop test, compression test, vibration test. We will do these tests again after the first mass production to ensure the packaging we provide will withstand container transportation.

Warehousing Facilities

Yes, we receive your products in bulk from your suppliers. We keep them in stock, and pack them under the packaging of your choice at the time of your choosing. This is called late packaging customization: the same product can be packed under different packaging, brand, assortment.

Having Asiapack keep your bulk inventory allows you to buy in bigger volumes (at cheaper prices), and have products packed later when you receive orders. This reduces your inventory value to the bulk product price instead of packed products, shipped and warehoused at destination.

Asiapack uses its in-house developed ERP to keep track of every products location. We do real time tracking and updating in our system. We can share these figures on a daily or weekly basis to you, or input them directly into your inventory system if you grant us access.

You, the customer, are the owner of the goods. We call this “goods held in trust”. Asiapack does subscribe to insurance policies to cover all risks while your goods are with us.


Asiapack is ISO 9001-2015 and BSCI certified. We also are Costco COC and Costco GMP certified.

This certification means that our processes are carefully controlled and monitored. The new ISO standard focuses on continuous improvements. Our Quality Management System helps us monitor the quality of our service by tracking all data and analysing it for continuous improvement.

This means we fulfil requirements regarding Social Accountability that provide a suitable work environment for all workers. Customer audits are always welcome.

Asiapack is certified Costco COC and GMP (Code of Conduct and Good Manufacturing Practices). We have yearly audits from Costco as we pack millions of products every year shipped to their stores.

Logistics - Supply Chain

Working with Asiapack makes it easier to expand your supplier base: thanks to benchmark of product alone, it is easier for you to move from one supplier to another, at more competitive prices. No need to find a supplier who is able to pack, just find a supplier who is good at his own product: This will widen the spectrum of potential suppliers !

You place your orders directly to your own suppliers. You also settle your suppliers' invoices directly. Asiapack will only charge you for the assembling and packaging cost.

By going through Asiapack, all your products are consolidated in one place. You can enjoy direct shipment from Asiapack with pre-consolidated container shipments, saving consolidation costs, reducing your carbon footprint and transportation costs.

Of course! We are used to working with all freight forwarders appointed by our customers. Your forwarder can come and collect the full containers from our factory.