Asiapack provides the most trusted co-packing services in China. With 20+ years of industry presence, we offer unrivaled experience, quality, service, and satisfaction to our clients across the globe. 

You can source goods from multiple providers within or outside China. All the products can be procured in bulk with greater cost efficiency. Products can be kept at one of our warehouse facilities. From there, they can be packaged as finished goods ready to sell anywhere worldwide.

The packaging can be customized so as to be sold under various brand names in different regions. We offer holistic services where we take care of designing, displays, packaging, shipping, storing, and much more.

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Why Should you hire Asiapack as your contract packaging service provider in China?

Our unique location in customs bonded area allows our clients to leverage optimum profitability. We have the expertise in handling varying levels of contract packaging with utmost perfection.

Our staff, equipment, warehouse, packaging facility centers, shipping, and supply network are all picked carefully to serve satisfaction in every product. We are capable of responding to your fluctuating demands promptly, with a quick production adjustment.

Our capabilities ultimately cater you with peace of mind to run and grow your business.

What does Asiapack’s co-packing service include?

Our facilities are modern and technology-enabled. We meet all kinds of regulatory mandates, hence capable of packaging excellent products for you. Our co-packing service includes:


Branding your products perfectly often requires packaging that is aesthetic, functional, and robust. We help you with primary and secondary packaging design, all items that are necessary to create a world-class experience.



Every product is unique, and for such unique products, some extra care and attention may also be needed. We ensure checking the feasibility of packaging in protecting your product from weathering elements, in-transit damages, and on-shelf effects.



Packing multiple products together can often end up in chaos. But our assembly line is carefully planned to make sure each product is packed in the right packaging, under the proper assortment, at the most efficient speed.

Checks & Assurances

After every assembly operation, we have quality assurance officers who check every product and allow shipment only if it passes the quality tests. Packages failing to satisfy the checks are assessed to be repackaged.



We have a 10,000 Sqm factory and warehouse facility to store your bulk products for late packaging customization: we can pack the same product under different brands, packaging or assortments (kits).

Why should you opt for co-packing services by Asiapack?

Asiapack’s co-packing services benefit you in many ways like


Our prolonged industry experience led us to realize the pain points and requirements of different industries. We now stand with exceptional caliber to accommodate all kinds of requests of our customers with utmost ease.


We know the importance of every penny. With Asiapack, you don’t have to invest separate or extra costs in hiring staff, buying equipment, renting facilities, and operational costs. You pay a unified cost per product that includes it all.


You get professional quality finesse in terms of designs, materials, processes, and everything else. We are able to create and deliver the properly fitting packaging without any unnecessary gaps or material wastage.


We do it every day, and so our turnaround times are lesser. We can process your order in just a few days and deliver you quickly in a matter of time.

Work with Asiapack for co-packing your products:

  • Serving leading brands worldwide since 1997
  • Manufacturing packaging materials & providing co-packing services 
  • Fully owned packing center in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone
  • Unique location in customs bonded area
  • BSCI, ISO 9001:2015, Costco COC and GMP certified

We can help you KIT, Assemble and Pack your products from different suppliers into one set of products.

Clients that trust our co-packing services in China to export their materials worldwide: