Asiapack provides the most trusted co-packing services in China. With 20+ years of industry presence, we offer unrivaled experience, quality, service, and satisfaction to our clients across the globe. 

You can source goods from multiple providers within or outside China. All the products can be procured in bulk with greater cost efficiency. Products can be kept at one of our warehouse facilities. From there, they can be packaged as finished goods ready to sell anywhere worldwide.

The packaging can be customized so as to be sold under various brand names in different regions. We offer holistic services where we take care of designing, displays, packaging, shipping, storing, and much more.

Why Should you hire Asiapack as your contract packaging service provider in China?

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Our unique location in customs bonded area allows our clients to leverage optimum profitability. We have the expertise in handling varying levels of contract packaging with utmost perfection.

Our staff, equipment, warehouse, packaging facility centers, shipping, and supply network are all picked carefully to serve satisfaction in every product. We are capable of responding to your fluctuating demands promptly, with a quick production adjustment.

Our capabilities ultimately cater you with peace of mind to run and grow your business.

What does Asiapack’s co-packing service include?

Our facilities are modern and technology-enabled. We meet all kinds of regulatory mandates, hence capable of packaging excellent products for you. Our co-packing service includes:


Branding your products perfectly often requires packaging that is aesthetic, functional, and robust. We help you with primary and secondary packaging design, all items that are necessary to create a world-class experience.

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Every product is unique, and for such unique products, some extra care and attention may also be needed. We ensure checking the feasibility of packaging in protecting your product from weathering elements, in-transit damages, and on-shelf effects.



Packing multiple products together can often end up in chaos. But our assembly line is carefully planned to make sure each product is packed in the right packaging, under the proper assortment, at the most efficient speed.

Checks & Assurances

After every assembly operation, we have quality assurance officers who check every product and allow shipment only if it passes the quality tests. Packages failing to satisfy the checks are assessed to be repackaged.



We have a 10,000 Sqm factory and warehouse facility to store your bulk products for late packaging customization: we can pack the same product under different brands, packaging or assortments (kits).

Why should you opt for co-packing services by Asiapack?

Asiapack’s co-packing services benefit you in many ways like



Our prolonged industry experience led us to realize the pain points and requirements of different industries. We now stand with exceptional caliber to accommodate all kinds of requests of our customers with utmost ease.



We know the importance of every penny. With Asiapack, you don’t have to invest separate or extra costs in hiring staff, buying equipment, renting facilities, and operational costs. You pay a unified cost per product that includes it all.



You get professional quality finesse in terms of designs, materials, processes, and everything else. We are able to create and deliver the properly fitting packaging without any unnecessary gaps or material wastage.



We do it every day, and so our turnaround times are lesser. We can process your order in just a few days and deliver you quickly in a matter of time.

Work with Asiapack for co-packing your products:

  • Serving leading brands worldwide since 1997
  • Manufacturing packaging materials & providing co-packing services 
  • Fully owned packing center in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone
  • Unique location in customs bonded area
  • BSCI, ISO 9001:2015, Costco COC and GMP certified

We can help you KIT, Assemble and Pack your products from different suppliers into one set of products.

How Does Asiapack Contract Packing Service Help Businesses to Grow Faster?

Contract packing service broadly includes repackaging items in bulk for retail distribution. Sometimes it could be limited to just filling the packaging through proper machines and techniques, but sometimes it could be entirely packaging the item from scratch on your behalf.

Some contract packing services are limited to just packaging, whereas some offer extended support in consulting design and material selection.

How does co-packing work?

A co-packager helps businesses with the packaging and distribution of their products so that the business can focus on their production and other growth-related aspects. There's a lot more to co-packaging other than packing the product. So, let's understand how co-packing works.



"Packaging" is probably the simplest answer to the question, "how co-packing works?" because it is the primary function of a co packing service. A good co-packing facility is well equipped with blister machines, shrink wrap machines, case sealers, carton machines, tapers and over rappers, and many other essential things, making it suitable for your product to get packaged properly and reach out to the market intact.

The packaging scale depends on the client's needs, from special packaging to bulk packaging. A well-equipped co-packer has well-trained and dedicated staff for each stage of packaging and a well-organized warehouse space to provide efficient and effective co-packing services such as labeling, loading the line, sorting, packaging, and more.


Assembly Line

The assembly line demands the most responsible hands as the co-packers must work day in and day out to assort the products and make the final package. It requires hard work and concentration to take care of the assembly line and match the demand of product supply throughout the time.

A co-packer must be capable of handling various tasks such as product at the same time shortening, packaging design, and the actual packaging. Some products are time sensitive, so for their on-time delivery/shipment, it is essential to check each product to ensure the proper packaging.



If you have no less than a perfect product with poor packing design, which is affecting your overall sales, then it can be fixed by a co-packer. In Asiapack, we offer services like designing, displays, packaging, storing, shipping, and more to our clients.

Our dedicated team works closely to design appealing packaging for your brand/product and logo, which is eye-catching and truly represents your brand. In short, we do the branding for your products that is functional, aesthetic, and robust. 

Our quality assurance officer monitors all your co-packaging operations closely, checks every product, and gives a green flag only to products that have successfully passed the quality check tests.



A good co-packer not only does the packaging and shipping of your products but also consider how it will affect your product's display. Because in the end, the major thing that matters is how you will show off your product in front of your consumers, especially when there's tough competition. 

At Asiapack, when our professional team works on packaging design and our quality assurance officers check for the quality of the package, we have a dedicated staff that makes sure that how the final package will be displayed, what else should be needed to make that product look both appealing and easier to use at the same time.



Shipping is indeed a demanding task, we make sure to follow your shipping schedule to ensure your products are shipped on time to your worldwide destinations.

A good packer keeps all communication transparent and simplest to the core so that the shipping process remains uninterrupted and error-free.


Maintaining Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings helps make the packaging process smooth and error free. If there's debris in the co-packing facility, it can delay the whole process and even be dangerous for safety.

Most co-packaging companies follow strict cleaning protocols to maintain hygiene and safety from their end.


Clearing the Line

Clearing the line is all about maintaining productivity throughout the time. A co-packer understands the needs and demands and works accordingly to meet the target. A co-packer is efficient enough to prioritize tasks depending upon the necessity. Line clearing includes many tasks such as sorting, loading, and pulling.

Co-packing also includes reporting safety standards to the operating of machines and if there are any changes needed to fix any product or packaging-related issues. The co-packer facility ensures that every activity and packaging is tracked and recorded properly.

Which industries should opt for co-packing services?

There's no set limit for any business to outsource co-packing services. Industries like electronics, outdoor, pharmaceutical, and household products mostly opt for co-packing services.

So, whether you are a startup with some exciting business idea/product and want to bring your product into the market, or you are already an established brand that wants to scale up your business and want to simplify your production and packaging supply chain, you can always rely on a co-packer to share your responsibilities and save your time.

Outsourcing a co-packing provider is like an extension to your company who understands your business, has a proven track record and can provide custom solutions to all your packaging needs.

What to Look for When Choosing a Co-Packing in China?

Outsourcing a co-packing company could be beneficial for you in many ways. However, when choosing a co-packing in China, you must consider:

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1. Compare

There are multiple co-packing options available in China for every business type. However, every business has its own personalized needs. So, you must compare all the available options according to your business requirements and choose the one that best fits it.

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2. Co Packer Company History

You should do thorough research for every option available. Dive deep into the company history, including the expertise, how long they are in this industry, their work ethics, shared experience of other businesses from your network, how much they will recommend a certain co-packer and why, and much more.

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3. Check for Their Certifications

Every co-packer needs certain certifications depending upon the types of products they handle. If a co-packer has all the required certifications, it means they have taken all the necessary steps in quality control.

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4. Quality and Safety

Before you start finalizing the co-packer for your company, check for their quality and safety measurements or what quality and safety programs they have successfully established to provide uninterrupted and smooth co-packaging services.

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5. Check for the Location

Choosing the right packaging facility depends on the location you want. In China, you can choose Asiapack for co-packing your products because we have our fully owned packaging center in the Shenzhen export processing zone, a unique location in a custom bonded area where we offer our holistic services for all your packaging needs.

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6. Cleanliness and safety

Take a trip to the co-packing facility and analyze the overall cleanliness, including the machines' cleanliness and the working staff's attire. Also, check whether the floors are properly cleaned and whether the fire exits are well maintained.

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7. Right Capacity

Whether you choose a co-packing facility temporarily or for a long time, always choose the one with the right capacity. A co-packing facility that can meet your capacity needs even when there's a surge in product supply.

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8. Organization

While visiting the co-packing facility, observe if the storage racks and pallets are well organized and if the environment is properly maintained.

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9. Communication Standards

Before you finalize, observe the way your co-packer is communicating with you. Are they answering all your emails and calls on time? Is the communication effective? Is their communication complete and accurate? Also, try to communicate with the people with whom you are more likely to interact in the future.

When Should You Start Using a Co-Packing Solution?

Most of the time, businesses need co-packing solutions, but they cannot identify exactly when they should start using a co-packing solution. Check if you can relate to any or most of these points listed below:

  1. You need special packaging for which special equipment and intense labor work are required.
  2. You don't have in-house packaging facilities, equipment, or expertise.
  3. You only want this for the short term and don't want to invest in it.
  4. You think investing in packing equipment is unrealistic.
  5. You find bulk shipping is saving you time, money, and effort.
  6. You have a warehouse but need a good assembly line.
  7. You want to downsize your company.
  8. Your business is scalable, and your product is in demand.
  9. You understand how co-packing will help your business grow.

Clients that trust our co-packing services in China to export their materials worldwide:

Complete Co Packing Services FAQs

What is Co Packing?

Co Packing or contract packing service is when a company packages products for you, including packaging, labeling, shipping, and more. They work for industries like food, beverages, industrial, pharmaceutical, and household products.

What services do you provide?

We offer designing, testing, co-packing, quality checks and assurance, and storage services.

How many locations do you have?

Our offices are in China, Hong Kong, and the USA. You can visit our Contact Us page for more information.