The Modern Cosmetic Packaging Printing Methods In 2024

Updated May 4, 2024

The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, with a huge consumer base worldwide. But it is also a risky one. Consumer decisions fluctuate with beauty industry trends. For a business owner, it is quite tough to navigate these trends and keep up with them to catch consumers' attention.

Today, the most effective way to grab the attention of your consumers is well-designed packaging. The packaging of the product is as important as the product inside it. Packaging trends keep on evolving. Here are some of the latest beauty packaging trends of 2024 that will make it surpass the masses and directly fall into the hands of users!

Cosmetic Packaging Trends 2024

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Today, consumers are conscious about their purchasing decisions and focusing more on environmental sustainability. So, along with using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials for cosmetics, the cosmetic industry also focuses on reusability, the ability to refill a product. This feature of refilling a product serves a long-term packaging purpose and entices users to repurchase.

Connected Packaging

Connected cosmetic packaging simply means interactive packaging. You connect the users with the product and brand using technology such as QR codes on the package and Augmented Reality. QR codes provide extra added value to the product, as a user directly lands on the online channels and learns more about the product and brand. This type of interactive packaging element is a great tool for encouraging consumers to purchase the product.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality is the new interactive consumer channel used in the cosmetic industry. Due to the limited accessibility to retail spaces and physical testers during the pandemic, consumers could not try the products before purchasing. Thus, to enable customers to try their products, many global brands used augmented reality technology that gave consumers added trust.

Minimalistic Design

When it comes to your packaging design, simple and minimalistic steals the show. Cosmetic products are ahead in the minimal design trend. Structured and ordered layout design ensures easy access to the product, and neatly arranged text allows the brand to convey its message to the user loudly and clearly and makes the product visually appealing.

Label Embellishments

Another 2024 packaging trend in the beauty industry to enhance customer engagement is digital label embellishments. Custom-printed boxes with foiling, embossing, silk printing, and spot varnishing give cosmetic packaging a 3D look and a premium, luxury touch.


Cutting-Edge Printing Technologies


  • Digital Printing: Speed and Customization

Digital printing has revolutionized the cosmetic industry by offering faster turnaround times and limitless customization options. In 2024, this method will continue to dominate due to its cost efficiency and ability to cater to the trend of personalization in cosmetics.

  • 3D Printing and Embellishments

3D printing has transcended its initial use for mere prototypes to become a vital tool in creating detailed and tactile packaging solutions. This technology is now pivotal in developing packaging that captures attention and invites consumers to interact with the product through its innovative design. The ability to produce complex, appealing packaging designs that consumers can feel and explore is reshaping how products are presented.

  • Flexography: The Reliable Workhorse

While digital methods are popular, flexography remains a staple in packaging printing due to its reliability and excellence in high-volume orders. It’s the backbone of many standard packaging operations, providing consistent quality and vibrant colors.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

The shift towards sustainability has prompted more companies to adopt environmentally friendly printing practices. Using biodegradable inks and recyclable materials is becoming more common as businesses strive to reduce their environmental footprint. This transition not only reflects corporate responsibility but also meets the increasing consumer expectations for sustainable products.



Consumer Engagement Through Packaging


  • Interactive Packaging: Engaging the Senses

Interactive elements in packaging, such as QR codes, AR layers, and sensory inks that change color or texture with touch, are becoming increasingly popular. These features enhance the consumer experience and bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing.

  • The Psychology of Colors in Packaging

Understanding the psychological impact of colors in packaging design is crucial. Colors can influence consumer behavior and decision-making processes. By choosing the right color scheme, brands can evoke specific emotions and associations, which can significantly enhance product attractiveness and consumer perception.



According to the packaging trends in the beauty industry, well-designed packaging includes eco-friendly packaging materials, connected packaging experience using technology, minimal design, and custom prints on boxes.

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