December 21, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Tin Packaging

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We all love the look and feel of a Tin box. A watch in tin packaging, cookies in a tin box, drinks in a tin can, are all examples of widespread applications of Tin cans. Two reasons that make tin packaging very popular are its malleability and its non-reactiveness as a metal.

Tin’s malleability allows us to make thin sheets without breaking or tearing them apart into powder. The Non-reactiveness of Tin allows us to store edibles or store anything in any weather condition with safety from corrosion and bacteria.

From food to the pharmaceutical industry, Tin finds a great value and place in various packaging options.

However noteworthy that these tin cans actually aren’t made of just Tin. Despite the qualities of Tin, it is mixed with just 1% to 2% in any other metal. Mostly, there’s a very thin layer of Tin in a tin can. What we call a tin can is actually made up of some other metal like aluminum or steel.

Tin is rare to find, and there are very limited mines that’ll dry out soon, too, so the tin cans can’t be made with just Tin.

Let’s take a look at the advantage of Tin/Metal Packaging

Product protection:

Metal packaging is opaque and keeps the sunlight away from the product. 


A coat of Tin on any metal makes it reusable and durable for several years.


Metal can be heated to a hot temperature to kill bacteria. They are not porous, so germs have no place to hide and react later.


Metal is recyclable. They can be melted and beaten to form a new container. This reduces the burden on the earth of mining and extracting metals.

Variety & Types:

Metals can be made dense or sparse. This helps in creating a suitable variant appropriate for specific applications.


The abundance of metal, property of recyclability, and ease of handling metals make it economical to use them in place of any other packaging product.

Food Safety:

Any metal susceptible to corrosion, with a thin layer of Tin, can be made non-corrosive, and the reaction with food can be stopped.


Metal packaging has a luster, which makes it look premium and feel good about it.


Dense metals are heavy, but sparse or light metals can be as light as paper.

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