How to ship products to Asia at a lower cost?

Updated January 2, 2024

While packing products at your facility or with a local co-packer is likely to be the most efficient solution when you need to reach your local customers, this may not be the case with your markets in the far east. 

For a lot of businesses exporting their products to Asia, the logistics costs related to shipping the goods and to packing them are a challenge that can significantly affect their operations when it is not optimized. 

Getting your products to your markets on time, at the lowest cost, with great packaging is the key to your sales success. This is how we do it at Asiapack:

Located in the Free Trade Zone of Shenzhen (China), Asiapack works as your logistics and packaging supply hub in Asia. Our process is simple:

  • We receive and store your products in bulk in our warehouse, including foodstuff (BRC certified warehouse),
  • We receive or manufacture your product packaging on-demand with the design, branding required for each of your distribution programs in APAC,
  • We kit and pack with the product assortment(s) that you need, we consolidate your orders to ship to your distributors exactly what they need,
  • You enjoy a hassle-free import/export process, without additional tax or duties for your products, thanks to our location in an FTZ.

Clearly, what does that mean for your business?

  • Asiapack solution directly helps you increase your profit margins by reducing your shipping costs and your packaging costs.
  • Being close to your markets offers your more flexibility to respond to your local customer needs and the possibility to develop new businesses. 
  • You optimize your supply chain in the APAC region, lowering your operational costs and your business carbon footprint.

Take a look at our short video to see how we work and help our partners develop their operations in Asia. And connect with us at to discuss your projects.