May 31, 2022

The Hidden Cost Of Packaging Your Product To Consider For Co-Packing

by AsiaPack in Blog

Co-packing helps in driving more value from the same product. Having a package that appeals better to audiences helps in creating traction and making more sales. Sometimes packaging service company can help you smoothen co-packing and even reduce your time, money, and efforts. But before you embark on the quest of finding a co-packing partner, go through this article to know more about the cost of packaging a product.

Factors To Consider for Deciding the Cost Of Co-Packing

Services you need

You may need different things from your packaging service company. Depending on what services you need or what tasks your packaging service company needs to do, your cost of packaging a product may differ. If you are not using all the services they provide, then it would be wise to negotiate the cost of packaging your product.

 It’s a fact that taking itemized costs help in knowing what you will be paying for and removing the costs for anything that you might not need.

Consultation you need

Sometimes you may need to consult what’s appropriate for your business. You may have more than one choice in front of you, but selecting one option might not be feasible due to a lack of knowledge.

In such a situation, you will need to pay some extra price for the time your packer will be putting into understanding your needs. They may also need some time for analysis before suggesting you an option, And that would also incur some extra charges.

Three Ways Co-Packers Charge

1. Per Unit Rate

You pay a fixed amount for the number of units you are getting co-packed.

2. Per Hour Rate

When you want your packaging service company to put extra time or extra hours than the agreed contract, the hourly rate comes in handy. Similarly, when you don’t have much work, then too hourly rate helps you keep the cost of packaging your product minimum, ensuring maximized profitability. 

3. Flat Day Rate

When you go into a long-term contract, a flat day rate works best.

7 Hidden Fees Most Co-packers Won’t Tell You About

1. Receiving Fees

Co-packer may need to reach to seaport or airport to procure raw materials. They charge some fee for procuring all such items you have sent them if that’s not reaching their facility directly.

 2. Preparation Fees

Most often co-packer needs to prepare assembly lines and set up equipment to work on your consignment. They add a fee for the same in the price they charge you.

3. Pallet Storage Fees

Your raw materials and finished goods are stored in pallets. You pay some cost towards storage.

4. Third Party Fees

Sometimes working on your consignment may have special needs such as some certifications or permissions. Procuring such approvals most often adds up to extra costs for you.

5. Order Fulfillment Fees

When fulfilling your orders, the co-packer has to do a quality check, arrange logistics for transporting the products from their facility to the loading point, and sometimes may even have to work on odd hours or in odd situations. To cater to such needs, you need to pay a little extra.

6. Ingredient Sourcing Fees

It may sound ridiculous, but your co-packer might charge you for the costs they invested in procuring the material for packing your consignment. They may share costs as service fees or may charge you separately.

7. Clean­up Fees

Your co-packer requires to keep the place neat for smooth processing of your product, for which they may separately take some maintenance charges. Though this happens only when your product causes spillages and leaves stains behind.


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