Top 5 Quality Control Solutions Impacting Packaging Businesses

Updated January 2, 2024

Are you owning a Packaging Business, exporting products overseas? Or an individual who wants to export goods with the certainty that your product will reach the customer intact? You must have faced issues with product quality, delays in shipment, safety concerns, cost, and more.

Check these top 5 solutions to fix quality risks and sourcing.

Checklist for packaging Quality Control

The quality control checklist comprises international packaging standards and your company’s packaging standards. Following are the top 5 crucial factors of this checklist:

01 Checking of Product Variety and Quantity per carton

In this step, the inspector validates that the packaging cartons have the correct product(s) and quantity. For this, the inspector picks any random carton and reviews the SKU (stock-keeping-unit) content in that carton.

After that, they make sure that the product counts are correct or not by counting the total number of SKUs.

02 Know Your Product

To ensure product quality, you must know the product(s) specifications. Knowing about raw materials used, physical state, temperature, and pressure needs help to determine better storage and transit conditions. Such information at hand will help you select the right packaging. And, you will get a thumbs up during QC checks.

03 Checking of Packaging Materials

Product packaging should be durable to survive harsh situations and rough handling during shipping. Packaging and shipping cartons are generally made up of three layers, to ensure sustaining these, which need to be inspected carefully.

Primary packaging

This packaging remains in direct contact with the product as it holds the product, i.e., - in cold drinks, the bottle containing the liquid is categorized as primary packaging. Other examples are shrink-wrapping, paperboard, and cardboard.

Secondary packaging

As it is the outer packaging of the primary packaging, the consumer sees it at first, such as cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes, and plastic/cardboard crates. It protects the primary packaging and important product details, i.e., labels in a drug product. 

Tertiary packaging

It is also known as bulk or transit packaging, tertiary packaging groups larger quantities of SKUs like pallets.

Consider the type of shipments; single or mixed shipments decide on the best packaging material such as aluminum foil, corrugated cardboard boxes, sheets, bubble wrap, polyethylene, and industrial shrink-wrap.

04 Checking Barcode and Labelling

Name of the purchaser, Purchase Order (PO) number, Number of items and descriptions, carton dimensions and weight, number of cartons within each set, warning labels, and barcodes are some of the required markings of secondary packaging.

Above all, improper barcodes such as faded or damaged barcode stickers, wrong size, or wrong orientation of the barcode sticker cause serious trouble.

05 Keep an eye throughout the packaging

Quality control during the packaging cycle helps reduce sourcing hurdles and costs. And can be done at any point of packaging. The motto is to identify, contain and solve issues as fast as possible.


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